Statement by Turkey at the General Assembly on the Situation in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine

Bilge Koçyiğit Grba 23.02.2021
Mr. President,
I would like to thank you for organizing this meeting and for your introductory remarks on this important issue.
Turkey has been fully committed to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders since the crisis unfolded in 2014. We do not recognize the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea.
Non-recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea is a matter of principle for us. This principled policy is based upon both legal and moral considerations.
Having millions of citizens of Crimean Tatar descent, Crimea and the wellbeing of Crimean Tatars is naturally an important issue for Turkey.
We are deeply concerned about the ongoing political trials, detentions and interrogations carried out against Crimean Tatars in the Peninsula.
We will continue to fully support Crimean Tatars, in their just desire to live freely and safely in their ancestral homeland.
Mr. President,
Unfortunately, seven years after the beginning of the crisis, the situation remains tense in Donbas. We believe that the conflict in Donbas should be resolved in accordance with international law and through dialogue. Full implementation of Minsk Agreements remains important.
The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission led by Ambassador Halit Çevik plays a vital role in informing the international community, facilitating dialogue to reduce tensions and promoting stabilization and normalization throughout Ukraine. Turkey continues to fully support the Mission’s work.
Mr. President,
We are convinced that Ukraine’s unity, independence and territorial integrity is essential for peace, security and stability in the wider region. With this understanding, we have co-sponsored relevant UN General Assembly resolutions on Ukraine.
We support the choices made by Ukrainian people in their pursuit of reforms and integration with European institutions.
To conclude, I would like to express our commitment to contributing to all efforts aimed at de-escalating tensions on the ground and finding a peaceful solution to the conflict, based on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.
Thank you.