Statement by H.E. Ambassador Baki İlkin, Permamenet Representative of Turkey to the UN at the General Assembly on the adoption of the draft resolution A/60/L.63 entitled "The Peacebuilding Fund"

Baki İlkin 08.09.2006
Mr. President
Mr. Secretary-General

Turkey warmly welcomes the Secretary-General`s report on Arrangements for Establishing the Peacebuilding Fund (A/60/984).

One of the historic achievements of the reform agenda of the United Nations this year, has no doubt, been the establishment of the Peacebuilding Commission.

Coupled with this achievement was the establishment of a Peacebuilding Support Office and a Peacebuilding Fund.

We all know that effective peacebuilding requires sound financial support. The Peacebuilding Fund is expected to generate this support and ensure immediate release of resources needed to launch peacebuilding activities. As such the fund would play a crucial role for the success of post-conflict recovery efforts, particularly in the African Continent.

Recognizing its critical importance, the Turkish Government made a voluntary contribution of 800.000 US dollars to the Peacebuilding Fund in July 2006.

Turkey is indeed pleased to sponsor the resolution A/60/L.63 entitled "Peacebuilding Fund" and will continue to give its full support to all peacebuilding efforts in the future.

Thank you