Statement by Prof. Remzi Çetin, member of the TGNA, on the issues of "Prevention of Armed Conflict" and "UN Peace Building Commission" at the IPU 2006 Parliamentary Hearing

Remzi Çetin 13.11.2006
Mr. President,
Distinguished Colleagues,

At the outset, let me thank the IPU for organizing this timely hearing as well as the honourable discussants for their valuable contributions.

Mr. President,

I will make a couple of brief points on two agenda items that we are taking up today. First, the UN Secretary-General's progress report on the prevention of armed conflict. Turkey warmly welcomes this report.

This report contains a number of important recommendations which, I believe, should be addressed and translated into action without delay.

As the report suggests, we should spare no effort to strengthen the culture of prevention, not only at the UN, but at much wider framework. In this respect we, as Parliamentarians, have an important role to play. We should contribute to this culture by promoting democratic processes in our societies.

A relevant topic that I would like to bring to the attention of this hearing is the importance of "dialogue", as a means to prevent disputes from escalating into violence.

I believe, better understanding between cultures is indispensable for global harmony. This is exactly the reason why Turkey and Spain, together with the UN Secretary General launched "the Alliance of Civilizations" initiative.

Today, an important meeting is taking place in Istanbul where the first comprehensive report of this initiative is submitted to the UN Secretary-General. This report contains concrete and practical measures to improve inter-cultural dialogue. I sincerely hope that this initiative will enjoy strong support from all Parliamentarians around the world.

Mr. President,

Finally, let me say few words about our second agenda item, namely the Peace Building Commission. Turkey, from the very beginning extended its full support and welcomed the establishment of this Commission.

The Commission, by bringing all relevant actors together, will provide more sustained, coordinated and focused support to countries emerging from conflict, particularly in the African continent.

Given the importance of securing necessary financial sources for its activities, Turkey immediately made a voluntary contribution of 800.000 USD to Peace Building Fund for this year. Turkey will continue to support the activities of this Commission and its Fund.

Thank you.