Statement by Ambassador Baki İlkin, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN, at the at the Meeting of the General Assembly on the "Question of Equitable Representation on and Increase in the Memebership of the Security Council and Related Matters"

Baki İlkin 11.12.2006
Let me start by thanking the President of the General Assembly for enabling us to start re-evaluating and re-discussing all the issues related to the Reform of the Security Council.

There is no doubt that the reform process should also cover the Security Council. The Council should be more representative and its working methods need to be reviewed and adjusted to the needs of our times.

It is also clear that the present models envisaged for the enlargement do not respond to the expectations and requirements of all the member countries. And let us not forget that the enlargement issue directly involves the national interests of almost each and every member country.

Under these circumstances in our view there are only two options available for us. Either we will insist on one of the existing models, which I am afraid will lead us to an impasse. Or we will review our national positions and look into new and different models, one of which may respond to our needs to a certain extent. So we are faced with a situation of "best is the enemy of good". We now have to decide whether we want to maintain our national positions in a maximalist manner or are we ready to negotiate and conclude a model, which would constitute a common denominator for all, be it the lowest one. Turkey, on its part, is ready to take part actively in an exercise, hopefully leading to a reform to be adopted if not by consensus, by the consent of the overwhelming majority of the member states. I call upon all my colleagues to work for this end.

As to the working methods of the Security Council, we already have available to us a number of proposals on which I think we can all work. It would indeed be far more desirable if we can achieve progress on both tracks of reform related to the Security Council. But if this turns out to be not possible, I feel that the lack of progress in one of the tracks should not take hostage the progress on the other track.

Thank you.