Statement by Turkey at the Security Council Open Debate on Preventing and Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Feridun H. Sinirlioğlu 28.03.2019
Madame President,

I would like to thank your Mission for convening this open debate and initiating the adoption of a new Security Council resolution on countering the financing of terrorism.

We need to better understand the link between financial activities and terrorism.

Yet, the nexus between financial and terrorist activities is becoming more complicated with the emergence of new technologies and tools, such as crypto-currencies.

That is why we attach great importance on strengthening international cooperation and mechanisms in this field. With this understanding, we gladly co-sponsored the resolution on countering the financing of terrorism adopted by the Security Council today.

Madame President,

Countering financing of terrorism (CFT) is an important element of Turkey’s overall counter terrorism policies.

Turkey is a committed member of the Financial Action Task Force-FATF that sets the international standards on CFT and anti-money laundering (AML).

The Turkish national financial intelligence unit MASAK oversees the implementation of national and international legal framework on CFT/AML.

As a part of the EGMONT Group, international financial intelligence sharing platform, it works closely with its counterparts in this field.

The Turkish National Police and MASAK extensively work together to prevent terrorists’ access to the Turkish financial system and disruption of illegal money transactions.

As in other areas of countering terrorism, Turkey also contributes to strengthening the international efforts on CFT and AML through its ever improving national capacity.

Turkey supports the Security Council resolutions in this field and fully integrates them into its legal system. Accordingly, updates on UN Sanctions List pursuant to Security Council Resolutions 1267, 1989 and 2253 become effective in an expeditious manner.

Turkey supported and co-sponsored a number of resolutions that included entities and individuals in these updates. We will continue to play an active role in this area.

Madame President,

We should also bear in mind that many terrorist organizations, such as DAESH, the PKK and its Syrian branch PYD/YPG, also resort to conventional methods for money transactions, such as “hawala”, to finance their activities through “façade organizations”.

On the other hand, other terrorist organizations, such as FETÖ, highly benefit from illegal monetary activities under the guise of legal entities and heavily engage in shadowy criminal activities.

In line with Security Council Resolution 1373, asset freezing proves to be an effective tool to deprive individuals and entities of their financial capabilities and prevent them to use and abuse legal financial systems.

We believe that, selective approaches in implementation of this tool only helps the degeneration of the system envisaged in Resolution 1373. In this regard, consistency should be our guiding principle if we are to have an effective system to prevent financing of terrorism and bridge the gaps in this field.

Madame President,

Clearly, the task of addressing financing of terrorism is daunting. It requires an ever more increased international cooperation. We deem this resolution as a step forward in the right direction.

Turkey will continue to do its utmost to achieve further progress in this field in the period to come.

Thank you.