Statement by Turkey on 2018 High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

M. Başak Yalçın 19.07.2018
Mr. President,

Distinguished participants,

Since the adoption of the ambitious 2030 Agenda three years ago, Turkey has taken concrete steps to build a more resilient and sustainable society.
Turkey’s national development model is human centered and focuses on economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

Important achievements regarding poverty eradication, job creation, better income distribution, social protection as well as access to basic services and rights such as education, health, water, sanitation, electricity and housing have been made.

Our efforts on empowerment of women focus on removing economic and social barriers.

Children, youth, elderly and disabled persons receive special attention in our development process.

Our 2019-2023 Development Plan has been prepared in line with the Agenda 2030.
I will highlight some of the steps we have taken regarding the SDGs under review this year.
Turkey made significant strides towards meeting the SDG-6 targets.
Access to safe drinking water is almost 100 %.
We are promoting water efficiency across all sectors including agriculture.
We subsidize modern irrigation technologies and crops with low water consumption.
Access to electricity is already 100 percent in Turkey. Our main focus areas under the SDG-7 are increasing the ratio of renewables, enhancing efficiency and supply security.
Our National Energy Efficiency Action Plan aims to save 24 million tonnes of oil equivalent energy and generate 11 billion Dollars investments in 5 years.
On SDG-11, on the one hand, we support homeownership through affordable credits.
On the other hand, urban transformation projects to regenerate weak structures and build safe settlements contribute to our disaster risk reduction efforts.
We also initiated the landmark Zero Waste Project to meet the targets of both SDGs 11 and 12.
On SDG-15, we initiated Land Degradation Neutrality and Soil Organic Carbon monitoring projects.
Turkey has a rich biodiversity. Of more than 76 thousand species identified, 2 thousand 5 hundred are in the Red List.
We focus on identifying species with significance for agriculture, forest, food and pharmaceutical industry with a view to preserve and promote them.
SDG 17 is critical to all of the other SDGs. We firmly believe that strengthened global partnership for mobilizing the means of implementation is key to achieve SDGs.
Last year Turkey’s net ODA reached almost 8.2 billion USD, representing an increase of 40.4 % in real terms over 2016.
The ratio of ODA as a share of GNI rose from 0.79 % in 2016 to 0,95 % in 2017.
Hence we already met the SDG target on ODA.
The share of ODA allocated to humanitarian assistance increased to 8 billion USD in 2017, making my country the largest donor in humanitarian assistance.
In our development assistance, LDCs are given priority.
We are proud to announce that the recent opening of the LDC “Technology Bank”, hosted by Turkey, also fulfilled the first SDG target, 17.8.
I would like to conclude by reiterating our determination to contribute to the global efforts towards realizing SDGs.
Thank you.