Statement by H.E. Y.Halit Çevik, Permanent Representative of Turkey General Assembly Meeting on the Agenda Item:“Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Security Council”

Y. Halit Çevik 30.10.2015

Thank you Mr. President.

We align ourselves with the statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of Italy on behalf of the Uniting for Consensus Group, The following are some additional points in my national capacity.

Our appreciation goes to Amb. Rattray for his contributions to our deliberations last year and we welcome and congratulate Amb. Lucas on her appointment. We look forward to working closely with her.

We are starting a new round of negotiations on one of the most critical matters on the agenda of our Organization. Almost all of us agree that the reform is needed and indeed it is urgent. The statements today on the need for reform are not mere rhetorical expressions.

With every single day we lose on this matter, we bear the responsibility of the sufferings of millions stemming from the structural shortcomings of the current system. This is a disturbing reality which reminds the moral obligation upon all, when championing equality and accountability at every front.

Mr. President,

“Reform” is a forward-looking concept which aims “to make changes for improvement”. It is not a static concept. Therefore, for a change to be called “reform”, it must address the shortcomings, rather than consolidating the already existing problems.

This is the basic but critical aspect where our proposal for reform differs. Obviously, it is the permanent membership and the question of the veto that cause much of the problems today. We still do not have the answer to the simple question that what will be the added value of increasing the number of the defective elements in a system.

With this understanding, we are for a meaningful and principled reform that would bring about a more democratic, representative, effective, transparent and accountable Council:

-We think that this can be achieved by increasing the number of only the elected members of the Council.

-For those aspiring for a longer service to the maintenance of international peace and security, we are proposing a longer-term seat with the possibility of reelection.

-Ideally, the veto should be abolished. In this respect, we welcome the initiatives to limit the use of negative vote in cases of mass atrocities.

-A more equitable representation of the regional groups, including enhanced opportunities for more vulnerable groups is a must in the reformed Council.

-The working methods and the relationship with the General Assembly are not less important matters, as they themselves define the daily dynamics of the system.

In this respect, only a comprehensive approach can be successful in addressing a whole package of interrelated aspects of this issue.

Mr. President,

It is natural to have different views on the solution of a problem. However, in order to be able to proceed with the negotiations, we must be on the same page, working for the same aim.

Needless to say, an issue having direct impact on the lives of today’s and future generations, requires a general spirit of compromise and a consensual process.

I thank you Mr. President.