H.E. Feridun Sinirlioğlu 02.10.2015

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Participants,

Let me first thank you, Mr. Secretary General, for organizing this High-level meeting on Libya.

We are also grateful for all the work carried out by your Special Representative, Mr. Bernardino Leon and his staff.

Our deliberations here at the UN and developments over the past few days have demonstrated just how important it is for us, as responsible members of the international community, to work together to foster stability around the World.

To do that, we have to strongly support those processes that help end conflict situations.

In that light, this meeting today is very timely to underscore our support to the work accomplished by courageous Libyans, within the UN-facilitated dialogue process, to establish an inclusive and representative Government of National Accord.

From the onset, Turkey has consistently and proactively supported a comprehensive political settlement in Libya that would both underpin the territorial integrity and national unity of Libya, and lead the revolution towards a successful and decisive outcome.

Our concrete contributions to UN efforts and relentless contacts with all sides were based on this understanding.

The participants of the process have shown commitment and determination towards rebuilding a stable and prosperous Libya and they should be commended for that.

But now, the time has come to conclude the effort and seal the deal.

As such, we look forward to the signing of the Political Agreement and the formation of the Government of National Accord, comprising all segments of the society, without delay.

With such a Government, Libya will be able to effectively fight transnational threats, such as terrorism and illegal migration, which are growing every day.

We also look forward to progress in talks with a view to securing a ceasefire, as fighting continues to inflict casualties among civilians, in various places, such as Benghazi.

A step back from this critical moment would have serious consequences.

We are truly on the brink, as the only alternative to a peaceful, long-lasting political solution, is a rapid, inevitable decline into chaos.

Turkey stands ready to contribute to post conflict rehabilitation efforts in Libya, in line with the priorities of the future Government of National Accord, in various areas, such as security-related issues, humanitarian assistance and reconstruction.

Establishing sound democratic institutions, justice, empowerment of civil society and women, and promotion of the rule of law, will be key areas where dedicated efforts will be required.

For the purpose of coordinating our efforts, a Conference on International Support to Libya in cooperation with our Libyan interlocutors will be needed.

In conclusion, we once more applaud all Libyan participants for their tireless efforts and wish them much success in concluding, without any further delay, the final phases of their most important work.

Turkey will not waver in its support for Libya and the Libyan people.

Thank you.