Statement by H.E. Ertuğrul Apakan, Permanent Representative of Mission of the Republic of Turkey to the UN, at the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform

Ertuğrul Apakan 13.03.2012
Mr. Chairman,

I would like to join my colleagues in commending you for convening this meeting as the third session of the eighth round of the Intergovernmental Negotiations. We are glad to be given an opportunity to look into the merits of and to evaluate another group’s position.

Mr. Chairman,

We have listened carefully to our friend, Permanent Representative of Jamaica who introduced the proposal of the L.69 group on behalf of the group. Based on that, I would like to underline a few issues which are of utmost importance for a successful outcome for the reform process.

Turkey has been in firm belief of a comprehensive solution for the long-required reform of the Council. We have reiterated our stance in various platforms. This is why, one more time I would like to remind the significance of the Decision 62/557 which set five key issues as the basis of the Intergovernmental Negotiations. Any proposal which falls short of meeting the criteria in this sense will take us not to a solution, but to a deepened standstill. To that end, we believe that a holistic approach should be embraced for genuine negotiations.

Secondly, Mr. Chairman, I would like to re-emphasize the significance of reaching a compromise solution for a more democratic, more adaptable and more representative Council. In our last gathering, on February 21st, a truly compromise offer was presented by the Permanent Representative of Italy on behalf of the Uniting for Consensus group. It is not an option but a moral obligation for us to show flexibility in our positions for genuine negotiations to move forward in the reform process.

Finally, I would like to thank the President of the General Assembly for organizing a retreat on Security Council Reform at the end of the month. We sincerely wish to see a constructive dialogue and thorough discussion among Member States in the said meeting. We also hope to see acknowledgement by all, of the importance of taking up realistic approaches for real negotiations.

Seizing this opportunity, I would like to express our gratitude for the President of the General Assembly for his belief in and commitment for the reform process. Also, I would like to reiterate our support and appreciation for you for your valuable and tireless efforts.

I thank you, Mr. Chairman.