Statement By Mr. Hüseyin Müftüoğlu Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey To The UN at the Fifth High-Level Dialogue Financing For Development

Hüseyin Müftüoğlu 08.12.2011
Mr. President,
Distinguished Colleagues,

I would like to begin my words by thanking you, Mr. President, for conveying the Fifth Hihg-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development and by stressing our expectation for this Dialogue to produce a step forward in the Member States’ commitment in development agenda of the United Nations.

Since the Fourth High-Level Dialogue, we conducted two major events: The UN Millennium Development Goals Summit and the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries. The prospective positive consequences of these events on development efforts of the least developed and developing countries are notable.

The UN MDGs Summit which was held in September 2010 in this Hall was a major worldwide concerted effort towards achieving the MDGs. The outcome document of the Summit that includes an action agenda for achieving the Goals by 2015 manifested a renewed commitment to that end. Highly considerable amount of pledges have refreshed the hopes. It reminded the urgency of the development needs of the least developed and developing countries and renewed the awareness in this sense.

The LDC Conference held in Istanbul on 9-13 May 2011 exhibited a significant commitment towards the development agenda of those countries. The Istanbul Declaration and Programme of Action for the LDCs put forward principles of renewed and strengthened global partnership for the development of the LDCs.

Nevertheless, despite the significant progress towards the achievement of the MDGs since the adoption and the accelerated efforts through afore-mentioned events, we are still lagging behind the set targets. The progress has been uneven. Moreover, the ongoing impacts of the financial and economic crisis are still being heavily felt, particularly on the LDCs.


As we are fast approaching the target date for the achievement of the MDGs, we should altogether re-address our efforts in the field of development, particularly regarding the financing aspect of the issue.

First and foremost, I would like to underline the importance of the Monterrey Consensus which has brought about a new compact among the developing and developed countries. I would like to re-iterate Turkey’s commitment to the Monterrey Consensus, in the implementation of which the importance of full involvement of all relevant stakeholders was stressed by the General Assembly Resolution 65/314. This global partnership understanding should be preserved, involvement into the implementation should be enhanced and a more concerted action should be taken by all. We should build our efforts on additional and innovative means and ways of tackling the current challenges of sustainable development.

Regional and international trade is an indispensable part of development. Keeping this in mind, trade capabilities of the developing countries should be developed and a suitable trade environment should be provided to these countries. Constrains on free trade should be reduced.

We believe that, as a complementary instrument, South-South cooperation also provides a fertile ground for increased trade, particularly at the regional level, and paves the way for sharing experiences and lessons learned.

National ownership of development programs is yet another dimension of the issue. Harmonization of national development policies with the MDGs is one of the remedies for success.

Carrying equal weight with enhancement of trade capacities and national ownership is scaling up and improving the quality of development aid, in particular Official Development Assistance. Turkey as an emerging donor country stands behind its aid commitments. Mobilization of aid to build the required human, infrastructure and institutional capacities is a sine qua non for development. For this reason, the international community as a whole should live up to its commitments.

We also believe that development assistance should be allocated towards employment generating activities and towards financing the activities of small and medium sized enterprises.

Finally, I would like to touch upon the significance of foreign direct investments for long-term growth and sustainable development efforts. We should work on ways and means to enhance the ability of developing countries to attract multinational investments.


The Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Rio next year in June will provide us with an invaluable opportunity to address the development challenges lying ahead. From the development perspective, we should be prepared for this Summit with an innovative and creative approach. We believe that civil society and private sector engagement is key for success to that end. Their contributions are inseparable from national, regional and international efforts.

We are in firm belief of the continued need for international cooperation and solidarity for success in the field of development. Efficient recipes and effective implementation are complementary to each other and international support is the catalyzer for them.

As I emphasized at the beginning of my remarks, we are hoping that the deliberations of this high-level dialogue paves the way for steps forward and enhance our efforts for the achievement of the MDGs.

Thank you.