Statement by Fazlı Çorman, Deputy Permanent Representative and Charge D'Affaires A.I., Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations on the Adoption of the GA Resolution on the 4th UN Conference on the LDCs

Fazlı Çorman 17.06.2011
Mr. President,
Distinguished Delegates,

On behalf of the host country of the Fourth UN Conference on the LDCs, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all Member States for the adoption of this resolution by consensus.

Taking this opportunity, I would also like to extend our sincere thanks to you, Mr. President, as well as the Secretary General H.E. Ban Ki-moon and the staff of the UN Secretariat, Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for LDCs, LLDCs and SIDs, H.E. Cheick Sidi Diarra and his team for their dedication and hard work to make this Conference a success. The vision and leadership of the United Nations were critical in this regard.

The Istanbul Declaration and the Istanbul Program of Action will be guiding international development cooperation efforts in the next decade for the LDCs. We would like to thank all Member States who have taken active part in the negotiations for their tireless and determined efforts to reach consensus on a strong, comprehensive and ambitious outcome. Parliaments, the private sector and civil society also contributed greatly to our work in the intergovernmental track. Our thanks also go to Ambassador Acharya of Nepal as the Chair of the LDC Group, Ambassador Viinanen of Finland for his able leadership as Chair of the intergovernmental preparatory process as well as Ambassador Bame of Ethiopia.

The effective follow-up and monitoring of the Istanbul Program of Action will be crucial for its successful implementation. Turkey is committed to support this process. We will contribute to the implementation of the IPoA through our development assistance package for the LDCs and will allocate a sum of 5 million US Dollars for the monitoring of implementation. We are also ready to host a mid-term review conference of the IPoA in Istanbul.

Turkey will continue to fully support the renewed, strengthened global partnership for the development of LDCs. We will continue to work with the United Nations system, the LDCs and all development partners to carry this process forward.

Thank you.