Statement by Turkey on “High-level Pledging Conference for the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund” at the Trusteeship Council

Feridun H. Sinirlioğlu 09.12.2019
USG Lowcock and distinguished panelists,

First, I would like to express our deep appreciation for the heroic work of OCHA across the globe and humanitarian workers who risk their lives on a daily basis.

As a contributor since its inception, we value the critical and invaluable role of the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. By generating a rapid response in the face of crises, CERF reflects how collective endeavors, based on international solidarity, can achieve lifesaving results.

The devastating effects of man-made crises, such as those ravaging in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific are enormous.

The climate change continues to adversely affect millions.

The number of forcibly displaced persons has grown to over 70 million people globally. Millions of children carry the risk of starting their lives without shelter or education.

Dear colleagues,

It is a welcome development that CERF received in 2018 a record contribution of over 550 million USD. As such, the Fund was able to allocate 500.5 million USD, the highest amount in its history, to humanitarian operations in around 50 countries and regions.
We highly appreciate that CERF provided 15 million USD to UNRWA to avert an imminent funding crisis that could have affected the Agency’s crucial field operations both in Palestine and in neighbouring countries.

Today I would like to announce that for the year 2020, Turkey will contribute to CERF 450 thousand US Dollars. We are not only a donor but also a country where CERF’s contributions to emergency response assist people in need who took refuge from multiple crises. We witness first hand why humanitarian assistance and engagement efforts must be reinforced and complemented by investing in peace and security.
According to the Global Humanitarian Assistance Programme, in 2018, Turkey continued to be the leading country with 8.4 billion USD worth of humanitarian assistance. We are helping people in need, including Yemenis, Somalians and Rohingya Muslims. We provide protection and aid to 9 million Syrians in Turkey and in Syria. Our support to around 4 million Syrians under temporary protection within our borders have exceeded 40 billion US Dollars.

Dear participants,

Our world faces a multiplicity of humanitarian crises and global risks.

Whether we are donors, recipients or both, we share a responsibility towards our societies, which are increasingly interconnected. Therefore, we have no option but to combine our efforts to adequately address these unprecedented challenges.

Turkey strongly supports CERF and continues its call for coordinated international efforts. We need funding mechanisms similar to CERF, which can provide flexible and possibly long-term assistance in the humanitarian field. This would also be a long-term investment in our collective security, peace and prosperity.

Thank you.