Statement by Prof. Remzi Çetin, Member of the TGNA, on the issue of "Enhancing the Parliamentary Dimension of the UN " at the IPU 2006 Parliamentary Hearing

Remzi Çetin 14.11.2006
Mr. President,

Let me thank once again the honourable discussants for their valuable contributions.

The Turkish Grand National Assembly has always been an ardent and constructive supporter of the United Nations. We have full confidence in the organization. We sincerely believe that our national parliaments must give their strong support to the reform agenda of the UN.

As was rightly underlined in the 2005 World Summit Outcome, we must do our share to have a more strengthened cooperation between the United Nations and national and regional parliaments, in particular though the Inter-Parliamentary Union, with a view to furthering all aspects of the Millennium Declaration in all fields of the work of the United Nations and ensuring the effective implementation of United Nations reform.

We make sure that our national parliaments should place far more emphasis on efforts aimed at bringing the peoples we represent closer together. In this context, we welcome the efforts of IPU in disseminating information to the national parliaments on the activities of the United Nations and request that these efforts should continue in the future so that coherence and efficiency in global and inter-regional parliamentary cooperation would be more strengthened.

Mr. President,

As one of the co-sponsors of the General Assembly resolution on the cooperation between the United Nations and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, adopted few weeks ago, Turkey will continue to cooperate closely with the IPU to further strengthen its contribution to the work of the United Nations.

Thank you Mr. President.