Statement by H.E. Ambassador Baki İlkin, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN, Before the General Assembly Regarding the Restructuring of the UN Secretariat

Baki İlkin 05.02.2007
Madame President,

I thank Your Excellency for organizing today's debate. I also thank the Secretary-General for briefing us on his first official visit to Europe and Africa, as well as for sharing with us his plans on the restructuring of the Secretariat.

Taking this opportunity, I would also like to welcome our new Deputy Secretary-General and wish her continued success. I look forward to working closely with her.

Madame President,

The restructuring of the Secretariat is indeed a very important part of the Secretary-General's task and we fully support his efforts to streamline and enhance the effectiveness of the Secretariat. We hope and believe that the UN and its Secretariat will come out even stronger and thus become more efficient as a result of this restructuring process.

On the other hand, since running the Secretariat in an efficient manner is a primary responsibility entrusted in the Secretary-General, I believe we should not deprive him of the room and authority to restructure this machinery as he deems it fit. After all, it is first and foremost the Secretary-General himself who will work with and guide the Secretariat.

In this regard, our Secretary General enjoys Turkey's full confidence in making the necessary rearrangements in his immediate working environment. Therefore, while appreciating very much his desire for consultations, we should also avoid losing too much time and momentum on this issue through undue, long and protracted debates. Our organization can not afford this.

Thank you.