Statement by Deputy Permanent Representative Mr. Kerim Uras Open-ended Working Group on the Question of Equitable Representation on and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council and Related Matters 7th Informal Meeting

Kerim Uras 04.05.2007
Madam President,

I would like to begin by thanking you for convening this meeting. May I join others in commending the facilitators you appointed to assist in your consultations with the member states, for the constructive manner in which they conducted their work. My delegation would also like to extend its appreciation and gratitude to you and the facilitators for having undertaken consultations with member states, from out of which this comprehensive report emerged.

We believe that the report objectively reflects the discussions that we held at the Open Ended Working Group. It offers a balanced assessment of the current state of the debate on Security Council reform and provides several ideas which might be explored, as well as further developed in future consultations. We hope that these elements will guide us and serve as useful references for result oriented discussions for enlargement of the Security Council and for improving the working methods.

Having started many years ago, consultations on Security Council reform, is no doubt, the main component of overall reform efforts at the United Nations. My delegation attaches particular importance to the successful conclusion of these consultations that are critical to all member states and therefore supports the facilitator's view that the General Assembly should opt for a Formula that can attract the widest possible agreement of the member states. As it was mentioned in the report, an interim solution at this stage might be a good ground for our consultations.

Talking about the improvement of the Security Council's working methods, we share the view that this issue is an integral part of the Security Council Reform. In this respect, we concur with the suggestions for enhancing the transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of the Council's work. We welcome the steps already taken by the Security Council to improve its working methods. Furthermore, we are of the view that the reform of the Security Council and the revitalization of the General Assembly have to be complimentary and should not be contradictory.

Madam President,

Finally, we would like to confirm our readiness for an open minded discussion, under your able guidance, with "flexibility", "inclusiveness" and a "constructiveness" as key words in mind.

Thank you, Madam President.