Eight Meeting of the State Parties of the APM Convention 18-22 November 2007, Dead Sea Jordan Statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Turkey on the Consideration and Adoption of the Final Document (Agenda Item 18)

-- 22.11.2007
Thank you your Royal Highness,

We believe the stock taking exercise we had during this meeting of States Parties has confirmed the significant progress we have achieved in our common endeavours of eradicating the anti-personnel landmines.

We also think that this meeting has given a new impetus to the implementation of the Ottawa Convention. The Dead Sea Progress Report that we have just welcomed, identifies priorities encompassing different aspects of the Convention and provides us with a guidelines for future actions.

Having said that, my Delegation would like to address one specific point included in the Report.

On the first day of our meeting, under the agenda item on "Universalizing the Convention", we have emphasized that NGOs can play an important supporting role in the implementation of the Convention. However, we have also underlined that they have the obligation to conduct their work in a responsible manner and that they must demonstrate utmost care so that they do not become instrumentalised.

To our dismay, in relation to the engagement of armed non-state actors, a so-called "deed of commitment" was signed last year with a terrorist organization without the prior information and the consent of the State Party concerned, namely Turkey. Those who signed it claimed that this was a step forward in their efforts for international recognition.

This terrorist organization is on the lists of international terrorist organisations of the European Union, of NATO and a number of States Parties and continues to use landmines indiscriminately, alongside other deadly weapons

In view of all this, we hope and expect that this so-called "deed of commitment" will be declared as a "dead letter" and contacts with this ruthless terrorist organization will be terminated soon.

We therefore, welcome and support the Dead Sea Progress Report which calls for vigilance in considering the engagement of ANSAs in the framework of the implementation of the Ottawa process. Otherwise, we fear that there is a risk of undermining the credibility of the whole process.

Mr. President,

We appeal to States Parties and other stakeholders to concentrate their efforts to rid the world from the scourge of landmines and not to allow terrorist organisations from exploiting this noble quest for their own goals.

Allow me your Royal Highness to express on behalf of my Delegation our congratulations for your able leadership and also our sincere gratitude for the kind and warm hospitality extended to us during the course of the meeting.

I thank you, Mr.President.