Statement by Turkey at the UN Women Executive Board Annual Session

Bilge Koçyiğit Grba 18.06.2019
18 JUNE 2019

Madam President,

I would like to begin by thanking Madame Executive Director for her comprehensive statement this morning as well as her annual report on the implementation of UN Women’s Strategic Plan for the 2018-2021 period.

I would also like to congratulate Ms. Anita Bhatia for the assumption of her position as the Deputy Executive Director responsible for Resource Management, Sustainability and Partnerships.

We wish her all the success and look forward to working closely with her.

Madam President,

Turkey is strongly committed to the goals of improving the living standards and rights of women and girls and ensuring their full and equal participation in all spheres of life.

With this understanding, Turkey places gender equality and the empowerment of women at the center of its plans and policies. In doing so, we enjoy a sound relationship with UN Women and collaborate on a number of issues.

It is also a great pleasure for Turkey to host UN Women’s Europe and Central Asia Regional Office in Istanbul.

Madam President,

We welcome the 2018 Annual Report of the Executive Director on the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2018-2021. We commend UN Women on achieving most of the objectives set for 2018 in its results frameworks.

In the meanwhile, we would like to underline the importance of UN Women to continue to improve its efficiency, sustainability of results and accountability as highlighted in the evaluations and audits.

We believe that the lessons learned from the first year of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2021, as well as from previous strategic plans should be utilized in the best possible ways to enhance the implementation of the Strategic Plan in the coming years.

Madam President,

We welcome the information Madame Executive Director shared with us on the way forward with the planning and development of the ongoing country typology review and change management process.

Turkey pays importance to these processes, as they are instrumental in UN Women's engagement in the repositioning of the UN development system, which we fully support.

We also look forward to the UN Women’s flagship report, Progress of the World’s Women, focusing on Families in a Changing World, to be launched in the coming days (on June 25th).

Madam President,

In concluding, I would like to emphasize that we look forward to constructively engaging in the work of the Executive Board’s Annual Session, with a view to contributing to the betterment of the functioning of the Entity.

Thank you.