Statement by Turkey at the Open-Ended Working Group on the Question of Equiyable Representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and Other Matters Related to the Security Council

-- 14.12.2007
Allow me, first of all, Mr. President to thank you for re-convening the Open Ended Working Group, which is the only inclusive and transparent mechanism, established for achieving the ultimate goal of comprehensive reform of the Security Council.

We therefore maintain the view that we should identify and agree on the main elements of our future work, not in somewhere else, but here in this Open Ended Working Group, with the participation of all Member States, under your able guidance and leadership.

Mr. President, I will be very brief and wish to focus on only two elements, which I believe could be useful for the way ahead.

First, the guidelines of our future work. Mr. President, in your concluding statement at the end of our informal debate last month, you highlighted seven important principles. You have also reiterated them today in the morning, as indispensable pillars to make progress on the Security Council reform. We welcome these principles and strongly believe that they should constitute the guidelines for our future work. All member states should therefore observe and respect them during the course of the forthcoming negotiation process. The reaffirmation of these principles, as the general guidelines of our future work, could be one of the conclusions of today's meeting.

Second, the negotiables. We believe the report of the OEWG that was adopted in the 61st Session contains all the necessary negotiables for our future work. These are: the categories of membership; the question of veto; regional representation; the size of enlarged Security Council; working methods and the relationship between the Council and the Security Council. My delegation is also ready to consider the intermediary approach proposed by the facilitators as a compromise solution.

We should therefore not start our work from scratch but rather benefit from the report of the OEWG and use the negotiables contained in there.

Finally, Mr. President let me take this opportunity to congratulate the distinguished Ambassadors of Bangladesh, Chile and Portugal for their appointment as vice chairs to the OEWG, to assist you in your efforts. I am confident that under your guidance and with the assistance of your Task Force, we will be able to carry our work forward in a positive atmosphere and to garner the widest possible support of the membership. You can count on my delegation's support and cooperation for the forthcoming period.