Statement by Mr. Fazlı Çorman, Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations, Before the Ad Hoc Committee on Terrorism

Fazlı Çorman 25.02.2008
Mr. Chairman,

Turkey aligns itself with the statement made on behalf of the European Union. However, given the importance we attach to the fight against terrorism in general and to the important work entrusted with this Committee specifically, I would like to a add few words from national perspective and highlight our views on certain aspects of the task before us.

As we have been emphasizing on each and every occasion, the fight against terrorism requires a firm and determined stance by the international community. In this fight there is no room for selective approaches. Thus we must combat all forms and manifestations of this scourge without any discrimination and from wherever it surfaces.

In 2006 we, the member States of the United Nations, adopted, by consensus, the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. This was not an easy task, but given the magnitude of the common threat, we overcame our differences and sent a clear and strong message to terrorists worldwide. Now, the time has come to further strengthen this message by finalizing and adopting the Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism.

This task is in fact already long overdue. Indeed, the Ad-Hoc Committee has been working on this draft convention more than a decade now. What we need to do is to tackle a few remaining outstanding issues. No doubt there are legitimate concerns and we fully understand the sensitivities involved. However, Mr. Chairman, the terrorists should not be able question our resolve to conclude this Convention. Therefore, success in this challenging task is more urgent than ever.

Mr. Chairman,

In this regard, I am somewhat encouraged by the constructive and flexible approach promised by the member States. Also, having followed the tireless efforts of you and the Coordinators, I am confident that this Committee would finally be able to bridge the remaining gaps on the outstanding issues and agree on a truly comprehensive instrument for the fight against terrorism.

In conclusion, I would like to reassure you that we, on our part, are ready to display utmost flexibility with a view to achieving our common goal. I also take this opportunity to wish the Committee a fruitful session and every success in finalizing the Convention.

Thank you.