Turkey Supports the Asia-Pacific Disarmement Centre and Pledges to Make a Voluntary Contribution of 60.000 USD to the Centre


Turkey highly valuesand supportsthe important roleof theUN regional disarmament centres.These centreshave proved to be very instrumental in promoting the implementation of existing international disarmament and arms control norms at regional and sub-regional levels.The UN Regional Centrefor Peace and Disarmamentin Asia and Pacific (RCPD)is no exception to that.Turkeywelcomesthe long expected re-locationof the RCPD to Kathmandu and looks forward to see thefull implementation of the General Assembly resolution 62/52adopted on 5 December 2007.We commend theactivitiescarried outby the RCPD which have no doubt encouraged regional dialogue for furtheringopenness, transparency and confidence building.We believe that the organizationofregional meetings by the RCPD topromote disarmamentand security,widelyknown as the "KathmanduProcess"should continue and be strengthened.Thus,we welcomeand supportthe project proposalsthat have been presented tous today by the ODA . Yet, we acknowledge the fact that the success of the RCPD will be very much dependent on securingsufficient voluntary contributions,as this is the onlyresource for the Centretostrengthen and implementits activities.Bearing this fact in mind, the Turkish Governmenthas decided to make a voluntary contribution of 60.000 USDto the RCPD. Wesincerely hope that the Centre would be ablemobilize and secure necessaryresourcesto carry out its mandateas soon as it is relocated to theregion.Finally, we wish to pay tribute to the Nepalese Government for its continued support to the RCPD as the host nationof the headquartersof the Centre.