Statement by Mr. Fazlı Çorman, Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey to the United Nations, at the Open Ended Working Group Meeting on Security Council Reform

Fazlı Çorman 10.04.2008
Mr. President,

At the outset, let me thank you for re-convening the OEWG which provides us a very timely and useful opportunity to reflect on the current status of our collective efforts for the Security Council reform.

Let me also take this opportunity to congratulate the distinguished Ambassador of Cibuti, for his appointment as one of the vice chairs to the OEWG to assist you in your efforts through your Task Force.

Mr. President,

Given the late hour, I will be very brief and make a few points for the way ahead.

First, as my delegation stressed time and again, the OEWG, being the only authorized, transparent and inclusive mechanism for the reform of the Security Council should continue to be the main fora for our future deliberations, within which we should prepare the ground for an eventual intergovernmental negotiations.

If I may repeat, what we said earlier, the crux of the matter is not how we label our meetings, but to what extent can we be flexible and forthcoming for the enlargement of the Security Council.

Second, in order to prepare the ground within the OEWG, with the assistance of your Task Force, we believe that our first step for the way ahead should be to reach an agreement on the framework for further consultations and intergovernmental negotiations. Without a firm agreement on such a framework, I am afraid, we might find ourselves in a situation of a new stalemate and could hardly bridge the gap among different positions.

Third, we continue to believe that such framework exists in the report of the OEWG adopted in the 61st Session as elaborated in the letter of the distinguished Permanent Representative of Italy addressed to you on 5 March 2008. We are of the opinion that the intermediary approach, proposed by the facilitators as a compromise solution last year, could accommodate, may be not full but to a certain extent, the declared positions of all groups and major stakeholders on the reform process. This approach merits further and detailed consideration in the OEWG.

Finally Mr. President, I would like to reiterate our full support to your endeavors to carry out the Security Council reform forward and I also wish to express our commitment to the seven principles that you laid out as valuable guidelines for our future work.

I am confident that under your guidance and with the assistance of your Task Force, we will be able to carry our work forward in a positive atmosphere and to garner the widest possible support of the membership. You can count on my delegation's support and cooperation for the forthcoming period.

Thank you