Statement by Turkey at the CERF High-Level Event, A Fund for All by All in the ECOSOC Chamber

Feridun H. Sinirlioğlu 07.12.2018
Mr. President,

I would like to thank OCHA for convening this meeting.

Today, the most important tests to our common humanity comes mainly from humanitarian crises.

The needs are huge and lives are at stake. So today, one of the most vital function of the United Nations is humanitarian assistance.

Created a decade ago, the Central Emergency Response Fund is one of the most effective tools available to the international community.

The recent decision to increase its annual funding to 1 billion US Dollars is a testament to CERF’s key role in supporting humanitarian action.

We also commend the strong emphasis given to the area of humanitarian financing as part of OCHA’s change management process.

Thanks to accelerated reforms, the UN has now the capacity to mobilize and engage the full range of financing instruments, mechanisms and partners.

As a responsive, predictable and strategic humanitarian funding tool, CERF is an outstanding component of the OCHA reforms.

Mr. President,

Turkey has been a contributor to CERF since its inception.

In line with the commitments made at the first ever World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul in May 2016, we consider the support of the international community to CERF as crucial.

Today, we acknowledge once again that the Istanbul Summit is not a one-time event and its effective follow-up is very important for a real change in the lives of millions.
We allocated 400.000 US Dollars to CERF in 2018. Turkey continues to be not only a donor to CERF but also a country where CERF’s contributions to emergency response assist refugees.

Turkey is a leading country with 8.7 billion USD worth of humanitarian assistance. We are helping people in need, including Yemenis, Somalians and Rohingya Muslims.

Our support to more than 4 million refugees within our borders have exceeded 35 billion US Dollars.

We will continue these contributions. We will continue to work within the UN with our partners until we make sure that no one is left behind.

Thank you.