Statement by Turkey on the Agenda Item 40 “The Situation in Afghanistan” at the 46th Plenary Meeting of the 73nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Feridun H. Sinirlioğlu 06.12.2018
Mr President,

Turkey is pleased to co-sponsor the draft resolution before us today and we look forward to its adoption by consensus.

We deem this comprehensive resolution very important since it highlights the achievements and responsibilities of both Afghanistan and the international community.

It constitutes a solid manifestation of our joint support to the people and Government of Afghanistan in addressing the ongoing challenges.

Afghanistan is continuing its journey of political and economic transformation. The achievements in the past decade, including in the fields of security, democracy, governance and economic development are praiseworthy. The holding of parliamentary elections on 20 October has been an important step forward.

Afghanistan’s security and stability remains a key priority. Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation efforts are crucial to lasting peace and security in Afghanistan.

Long-term strategies and consolidated reforms are essential both for maintaining progress and addressing challenges in areas such as education, health and displacement.

Mr President,

The region has demonstrated on various occasions its readiness to resolve its own problems, and to transform common problems into areas of mutual benefit. We fully support the regional connectivity projects that center around Afghanistan such as Lapis Lazuli Transit Agreement, as well as the development of air corridors.

We value bilateral and multilateral dialogue and cooperation efforts. We welcome the increased momentum that has been achieved through the Istanbul Process. This is an effective cooperation model, capable of bringing practical solutions to current challenges in the Heart of Asia region. We will host the annual Ministerial Conference of the Istanbul Process soon.

Besides our efforts aimed at consolidating regional ownership, we will also continue to lend our support to Afghanistan’s security as the Framework Nation for Kabul and through NATO’s Resolute Support Mission among others.

Mr President,

Turkey will continue its support to the Afghan Government in its endeavors towards peace, stability and development to Afghanistan.

Our assistance to the Afghan people is the most comprehensive development aid program directed to a single country throughout our history. As of September 2018, 1.056 development projects have been completed. Turkish development assistance to Afghanistan amounts to around 1.1 billion USD.

Mr President,

The continued support of the international community will strengthen the hopes of the Afghan people for a bright future. We will always stand by our Afghan brothers and sisters as long as our help is needed.

Thank you.