Statement by Turkey Arria-Formula Meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Aleppo

Y. Halit Çevik 09.08.2016

Madame Chair,

Members of today’s panel shared with us the stark realities of survival in Aleppo. Their personal courage in doing such a valuable work deserves much more than our recognition.

The situation is extremely worrying. International community must not accept the besiegement of Aleppo.

The picture on the ground is not only a violation of the Resolution 2254 and the Cessation of Hostilities agreement. It represents a major step backwards.

Persistent bombing of civilian infrastructure aim at pushing civilians out of Aleppo. Airstrikes and regime offensives towards Aleppo must stop.

Otherwise we will be faced with the biggest civilian massacre to date in Syria. Another major displacement will certainly follow.

Turkey is not in a position to shoulder the consequences of this situation. We are hosting over 3 million Syrians and Iraqis

Humanitarian assistance to Aleppo, should be provided through UN’s coordination, in an unconditional and unimpeded manner.

Humanitarian corridors cannot be a substitute for this. Neither can they be part of any military strategy. Any proposal has to be in compliance with international humanitarian law.

In case the course of current developments is not reversed, the political process in Syria will fail. The cycle of violence will further deepen.

International community has to act fast to reverse this course of events.

Thank you.