Statement by Mr. Fazlı Çorman Charge D'Affaires a.i. and Deputy Representative of Turkey to the UN at the Security Council Private Debate on "The Situation Concerning Iraq" (Development Fund for Iraq-DFI)

Fazlı Çorman 12.07.2010
Madame President,

I would first like to warmly welcome delegation of Iraq. It is indeed a great pleasure to see him in the Council.

I also wish to thank them and Controller Yamazaki for their concise presentations. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss DFI-related issues with Iraq directly and thus thank the Presidency for making that possible by convening this private debate.

That said, before addressing DFI-related matters, let me first express our strong condemnation of the heinous terrorist attacks last week that killed dozens of innocent pilgrims.

We all know the purpose behind these cowardly attacks against defenseless civilians: Once again, the extremist forces are trying to pit different segments of the Iraqi society against each other with a view to creating chaos and terror in the country.

Nevertheless, we have full confidence that the Iraqi people will not fall into this trap and that they will not let Iraq’s unity and democracy be compromised at the hands of these extremists.

In this regard, formation of a broad-based government will be the most effective response in the face of insurgents who are aiming at destabilizing the country.

Indeed, it has been far too long since the elections in March that we have been waiting for the formation of the new government.

It is now time for all political parties to rise above whatever their differences are and meet the legitimate aspirations of the Iraqi people who has already shown its commitment to and desire for a functioning democracy at the ballot box.

The rapid formation of the government will be the first step in this direction.

Now, on DFI-related issues, we welcome the report by the Iraqi side regarding the implementation of the Action Plan which was presented to the Council on 29 March 2010.

Our assessment is that the Government of Iraq has made some significant progress in preparing for the successor arrangements of the DFI.

In this context, the agreement reached with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and in particular the arrangements put in place for the automatic transfer of 5% of the proceeds to the Compensation Fund are most welcome.

Likewise, the steps taken to ensure independent international auditing of the successor entity to the DFI are vey encouraging for the timely and effective transition to the post-DFI mechanism.

In this regard, we hope that the Iraqi Government will soon resolve the questions related to the immunities that the post-DFI mechanism can enjoy after the transition.

We understand that this is a key issue for the Government of Iraq in going ahead with the transition and thus encourage Iraq to intensify its contacts with the relevant banks and state authorities to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

As to the current oversight and management of the DFI, on the other hand, we take note of the Secretary-General’s observation that the Iraqi Committee of Financial Experts (COFE) continues to perform a detailed follow-up of the IAMB’s recommendations, although there are still some outstanding issues, in particular regarding the comprehensive oil-metering system.

That said, we are encouraged that the delays are due to certain administrative issues rather than political ones and hope that they will soon be resolved in accordance with the timetable presented by the Government of Iraq itself.

In this regard, let me also express our appreciation for Iraq’s joining the Initiative of Transparency in Extraction Industries. This is a very positive step indicating Iraq’s commitment to transparency in the field of oil industry.

In conclusion, Madame President, we are in general satisfied with the steps taken by Iraq regarding the DFI-related issues and look forward to decisive progress in the next quarterly review in September.

Together with the resolution of the outstanding issues under the Oil for Food Program, disarmament related questions and Iraq-Kuwait relations, we hope that this progress will lead to the removal of Iraq from consideration under Chapter VII.

Thank you.